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social organizations 

generally the reason for abandoning the human comes social organizations whose purpose is money and power. The human regresses in Western societies as a result of rivalry between states, economic war and neoliberal ideology. In everyday life, this ideology undermines the values ​​and principles on which sits the basis of human society, which is reflected primarily in labor and in market exchange, but diffused throughout society. Neoliberal ideology and associated practices seek to transform man into consumer-worker, that is to say efficient cog in the economic machine.This desire of economic efficiency at the expense of the human also comes the rivalry between states and economic battle that ensued. We live in a permanent war economy. For some we can not do otherwise, it is the dogma "TINA": There is no alternative. This confrontation is inevitable and it takes place in the context of competitive capitalism. The major question is: next to the ideological will of the ruling class that there is no alternative, is it possible that it is indeed so, given current constraints (the economic war underway, the strength of the global political-economic system)? The attitude to have claimed that there is or no real possibility of change is not the same.

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l'identité est une organisation interne

Il s’agit d’une structure hypothétique  

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...........identity is an internal

organization. This is a hypothetical

structure - 4.2015

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