hyper socialization


The utopia that the more we communicate, the more one alleviates conflicts, lived. In reality, there is currently the opposite.
He is 22 years old, Philippe Breton denounced already in the "utopia of communication" the belief that the more we communicate, the better. Idea which was the basis of the cybernetic ideology blockage of a system comes from a flow of information problem.
Today, TV, radio, internet, social networks, mobile ... The information is permanent, is no exception. Yet it must be blind not to see the separatist tensions in French society. We observe them through such diverse and heterogeneous movement: the red caps, Dieudonnistes (and its attendant "anti-system"), marriage supporters for all, anti NDDL slingers, workers Frontists ...

Is that excess communication in today turns against social cohesion.
hyper socialization and emnballement emmotionel

The hypersocialisation accentuated by social networks and mobile, forcing people to take a stand. He who does not speak is considered an idiot or weak.
But at the same time and the means to forge an informed opinion lacking in many. Even the most educated abut on issues more complex.
What really cost nuclear power in France?
Working in France he is more expensive than in Germany?
Baclofen is it a good solution for the fight against alcoholism?
This double bind inevitably leads to simplification, the hasty and often passionate judgments. When they are not filled with excess and emotional outpouring.
Witness the violent customer reviews following the controversy cat against a wall or heckled mentally handicapped. Naturally these two shocking events deserve to be unworthy, but they do not justify the public calls for revenge and even murder.
Even the most innocuous topics consumption apparently are divisive. The pro-fight pro Apple Samsung in verbal jousting sometimes quite muscular. TV series fans clash between pro-pro-Castle, NCIS ...

hyper socialization more ...
Urban concentration, standardization of lifestyles, permanent socialization ...

All this emphasizes our need to emerge from the mass
This is particularly striking in Japan, where the great homogeneity of populations (there is little immigration outside major cities) raises strong singularity of desire among Japanese youth. Many teens and young adults dye their hair, some girls wear colored lenses (blue or green), clothing is sometimes extreme (such as cosplay, which addresses the need for uniqueness, play and tribal grouping just like our punk or grunge of the 80 'and 90').
To emerge and stand out, you can also choose oral confrontation. The verbal sparring is an old French tradition that has taken its credentials with Twitter and twitt-famous clashes. Normal, Twitter is the privileged place of expression of educated society, narcissistic and confident: the new lounge eloquence. Just as in the eighteenth century, sometimes bloated egos clash violently in order to gain influence and become ridiculous

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