"Facebook is dangerous because it develops narcissism"
Facebook, Twitter are changing everyday practices in that they offer continuous interaction.
In life, nothing is wrong. It is our own use making good or bad thing. If we take the case of Facebook, the site is interesting because it allows considerably to exchange, to share, to learn, to grow, to socialize. In short,

a human being can truly find satisfaction and improve life every day through Facebook. Alas, few would use Faceook wisely.

Too many people do not support Facebook as a means to live but as an end.
The rocker is when we think our life compared to what we will set Facebook status or our judgment with respect to each comment, each phrase, each photo. It is necessary that Facebook remains a life of artifice everyday.


Faced with the danger of addiction, the best way is to force himself to limit his time. Life is so big you can not be reduced to living for social networks! Knowing that in addition, by the theory of creative destruction, it is not even known whether these media will be present in the coming 3-4 years ...


You should know to step back. Personally, that's what I try to do. I try to reconcile all the practical aspects that can bring social networking including information sharing and socializing at the same time taking the necessary perspective, saying that it is virtual and does must not live by being dependent on others.


Man is designed to be both sociable and unsociable. When a person goes on Facebook, she finds a satisfaction in seeing other people connected at the same time to see a sharing of information. In doing so, the person is not alone and psychologically satisfied by observing others. It comes down to notions of narcissism and empathy.


That is why I believe that Facebook is the most dangerous: the development of narcissism and empathy that causes the virtual
and besides the feeling of loneliness that only increases at each new connection.

Finally, I like to mention that nothing beats a discussion between friends around a table with a glass and cookies. Nothing beats the smile, the behavior of a person. In a world running, you have to step back, to withdraw to better protect themselves. We must not fall into the permanent interaction. Take time for yourself and make the best of every thing remains the safest to get a better life means.

John Carrid

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